• Granted, looks aren’t everything. However, when it comes to flying, good looks and solid aerodynamics complement each other. This is why fighter jets look so smooth compared to slower aircraft. Likewise, Nirvanas are the most aerodynamic paramotors currently available. Our engineers have painstakingly combined form and function. All connections are simple, solid, reliable, and easy to maintain. The difference is readily apparent when you compare our finely-tuned design to other paramotors on the market.
  • What is the main reason to choose a Nirvana paramotor? Reliability. Nirvana paramotors are world-famous for their dependability and exceptional level of safety. Truly dependable equipment is one of the most important factors that ensure safe and hassle-free flying. Nirvana paramotors are incredibly easy to operate; the only thing left for you to do is to fill with fuel and perform a proper pre-flight check.
  • The Nirvana design is both light and aerodynamic when compared to other paramotors. Launching with a Nirvana is easy to learn and you’ll soon be lifted off the ground like a gentle breeze. In fact, our well-balanced paramotors are so light, if you’d like you can switch off the engine in flight and comfortably soar with paragliders. When you’re ready, you can easily restart the engine and continue to your destination.
  • Nirvanas are incredibly easy to set up; you can be in the air only a few minutes after you get to the launch site. Our equipment comes with custom-fit packaging that easily loads into most cars. There is simply no other form of powered flight currently available that’s easier to transport and set up. You can even take your equipment on commercial airlines when you go on vacation. You never have to leave Nirvana at home, ever!

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