We Offer Several Types & Levels of Training

  • | Beginner Training Course (Basic or USPPA)
  • | Advanced Training Course
  • | Cross Country Training Course

Training Rates

Hourly - $65/hr
Daily - $250/day
PPG2 Rating - $2,000

Learn to Fly

Learn how to powered paraglide in the united statesAs a USPPA-certified school, we offer Arizona’s most comprehensive training program.  All of our instructors are fully-certified professionals.  Simply put, we offer the most free-flight, USHPA-rated, paraglider experience of any powered paragliding (PPG) school in Arizona.  If you really want to maximize your flying skills and learn PPG through a comprehensive and building-block approach, we are your team!  Our ground and flight training takes place in scenic desert locations and will ensure you have solid launch and landing skills that will give you the confidence to explore and enjoy the wonders of Arizona and beyond!

We are the only PPG School based in the North Phoenix/North Scottsdale/Lake Pleasant areas.  The scenery is beautiful and we enjoy good flying conditions throughout the year.  However, our training programs are site-independent and will prepare you to confidently and safely fly from just about any location.  One of the unique aspects of powered paragliding is the inherent ability to launch and fly from just about anywhere.  Although we serve all parts of Arizona, hosting out-of-town students is our specialty.  Finally, we’re one of the only schools in the US to offer PPG equipment rental to trained pilots!

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As a Student

Certified Flight Instruction

As a Paradrenalin Full Course student, you will receive a Training DVD set for review and practice in your spare time. This will accelerate and enhance your overall training, skills, and confidence, likewise getting you into the air faster, safer, and in control.  These DVDs (exclusive to Paradrenalin) do not replace personal instruction, but act as invaluable reference material that will serve you throughout your flying career.

We train from various locations in the North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Cave Creek, and Lake Pleasant areas. We’ll make sure you learn solid skills throughout your ground and flying training, with emphasis on how to handle real-life PPG launch and landing scenarios.  These skills, along with solid pilot judgment, will enable you to fly from sites many pilots trained at other schools wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) consider.  Our locations provide ample unobstructed space, ensuring safe conditions for Beginner Pilot Training.

If you’re interested in Powered Paragliding, but not ready to commit to the full training course, we recommend enjoying a Tandem Flight with one of our certified instructors to see if PPG is right for you.

Training Courses

The goal of our beginner training course is to provide students with the skill and knowledge necessary to properly set up equipment, ground-handle the paraglider, launch and land with instructor assistance, and build enough proficiency to fly without instruction in just a few days.  With our USPPA-certified instruction, students safely learn all aspects of Powered Paragliding that could otherwise take years to learn on their own.  Important: as all types of flying are inherently dangerous to some degree, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of learning from a certified instructor.  Individuals that attempt to teach themselves are accepting much greater risk than those who’ve participated in a formal training program.

Our full course fees include a comprehensive printed training manual covering all aspects of training, homework assignments during the course, paramotor setup, and maintenance information.  We highly recommend Tips & Tricks, DVD’s to watch, practice during your own time, and various reading lists and resources for all Paradrenalin PPG course students. If you’re new to powered paragliding, we strongly suggest the Beginner Training Course, which leads to a USPPA PPG 2 Rating and provides increased instruction time and supervised solo flights.

We also offer group training and, if you can’t travel to Arizona, traveling Instructors who can come to you!  Class sizes are limited to no more than 3 students per instructor; this ensures personalized instruction with up to 2 certified instructors.  Please call for available training class commencement dates and group training discounts. Our training scheduling is usually flexible to meet your needs.

*Students must be dedicated when taking our fixed-price training courses. Finding some time to practice between lessons will maximize training and is required.  You will need to follow our program and directions and complete all homework assignments in the timeframe agreed between us.  Students in the Basic Beginner Course who are not fully dedicated to the program or do not complete solos within 7 instructor training days may be charged additional fees at the hourly instruction rate.  In order to avoid additional training fees, all courses must be completed within 3 months of commencement. For your own benefit, do not commence any training until you can make the necessary time and mental commitment to quickly becoming a safe pilot.  As with any flying training, long breaks will hinder your skills and confidence.  Students who pose a safety risk to themselves or others may be expelled from training without a refund.

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