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WARNING – Ask to see Certified Qualifications before taking a Tandem PPG Flight with anyone. Also, there are other companies offering Tandem Trike Discovery Flights to passengers too heavy to safely fly tandem. A tandem paraglider’s rated max capacity is 500lb including instructor, engine, trike, gas, all other equipment & passenger. Exceeding the rated capacity is UNSAFE for tandem flights. Under powered engines will not climb at a safe rate with all up weight approaching 500lb. We use one of the most powerful production engines available. Demand safe reliable equipment & a qualified instructor!

Tandem Powered Paragliding FlightsParadrenalin offers free-flight tandem flights from South Mountain or Powered Paragliding Tandem flights at Pleasant Valley airport near Lake Pleasant (both sites located in Phoenix, AZ, USA).

Call (602) 540-9929 today for more info or to book a flight.

  • Discover Paragliding Or Powered Paragliding with a Tandem Flight
  • Give a unique, unforgettable gift to someone special! Fulfill a Dream!
  • Interested in Powered Paragliding but want to try it before you commit to purchasing?

Tandem Powered Paragliding Flights with Ryan ShawTake a Tandem Powered Paraglider Discovery Flight with Paradrenalin in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, and be introduced to the sport of Powered Paragliders. You will gain basic training in these aircraft, while you sit back and relax in our Tandem Powered Paraglider as we fly over beautiful Arizona Sonoran Desertscapes. Take pictures or Video, and capture an unforgettable experience!

You will fly with one of our 3 Certified Award Winning Instructors, the most experienced in Arizona, and may choose to take the controls and steer once airborne. Our communications equipment allows you to speak with the Instructor while in flight. Because we have full-time instructors, you can take your flight typically within 3 days of booking!

CALL NOW TO BOOK: Tandem Flight $240

Group discounts available for 4 or more – call for prices
Tandem experiences last approximately 20-30mins

* Maximum weight limit 250lbs for Tandem passengers*
We carry scales so be honest – it’s for your own safety


* You will be required to sign a Release of Liability & Waiver before flying *

Purchase a Tandem Flight Here
Discovery Flights must be pre-paid to confirm a reservation. Before payment is made, please CONTACT US to schedule your flight, and suggest at least 2 dates that will work for you. Scheduling is typically 3 days out from the date payment is received. Flights are transferable. If the weather is not suitable at the reserved flight time, we will reschedule. If you must re-schedule, it must be at least 48hrs prior to your reserved flight time. Cancellations prior to 48hrs before scheduled flight will receive a refund less 20% processing fees. If you do not meet at the agreed time and location, your flight will be cancelled with no refund. Flights must be taken within 3 months of purchase date. Payments are non-refundable except as noted above.

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