Ryan Shaw
Paradrenalin Owner

Ryan Shaw is the owner of Paradrenalin and started paragliding in 1993. By 1996 he was flying competitions as a professionally sponsored pilot, and followed the competition circuit all over the world. Winning and placing in multiple competitions worldwide has given Ryan extensive experience with advanced maneuvers in all weather conditions. Ryan has flown sites all over Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States and Canada!

Absolutely, hands down, some of the best instruction you can get. My brother, two friends and I just trained with Ryan, Deanna, and JJ for 6 days. These trainers are not only VERY experienced, but their instruction and skills are of the highest quality. If you listen to them, you will be safely flying in a matter of days. Do not think that because you watched some youtube videos that you know what to do or even what to expect. Leave the ego at home when you go to train. They do not send new students in conditions that may jeopardize them. We had a couple days where we could not fly because of choppy wind conditions. They train on and sell the Nirvana motors which are amazing machines. Extremely durable and nothing but quality. I HIGHLY recommend if you are able to get to Aguila Arizona that you get training here. You will not be sorry!


Tandem Flights

Discover Paragliding Or Powered Paragliding with a Tandem Flight

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My Courses

The PPG Testing center on Paradrenalin is designed for Paradrenalin trainees to complete after they have taken the appropriate training with Ryan Shaw and Paradrenalin in Phoenix, Arizona...

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