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Ryan Shaw
Paradrenalin Owner

Ryan Shaw is the owner of Paradrenalin and started paragliding in 1993, by 1996 he was flying competitions as a professionally sponsored competition pilot, and followed the competition circuit all over the world. Winning and placing in multiple competitions worldwide has given Ryan extensive experience with advanced maneuvers in all weather conditions. Ryan has flown sites all over Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States and Canada! He has over 8000 hours of free flying logged time. Ryan started PPG paramotoring in 1996!


In August 2009 Ryan joined Benjamin Jordan in Canada where he was doing a WORLD RECORD PPG flight of 6,000 miles across Canada!

In 2012 Ryan broke 5 Powered Paragliding World Records and is ranked #1 in the USA!


A USPPA certified Tandem – Instructor and Instructor administrator a USHPA certified Tandem Instructor and an ASC Advanced flight Instructor, Ryan is also a commercial airplane pilot and flies sailplanes and BASE jumps for fun. Ryan is our primary instructor, and teaches Paradrenalin Training Classes. Ryan is also available for hourly instruction to refine and develop additional skills for PPG or PG pilots who have completed a beginner training course.


Paradrenalin is the perfect partner for Dudek because of their dedication to quality customer service and concern for safety. Their first class training school is located in Aguila, Arizona which is the perfect place to train and fly PPG, with very little rain, perfect clear blue skies most of the year, warm temperatures, light winds, low altitude, low humidity flying and plenty of desert and unpopulated, scenic places to explore. Contact Paradrenalin to purchase your Dudek and Paradrenalin equipment and to schedule your training today, this will be the best decision you will make to start your PPG experience.

Ryan started flying in PPG competitions in 2010 and came 5th in the over all standings that year. He has started taking them more seriously and will be flying in as many as he can in the USA and Europe over the coming years.

February 2012

Ryan Shaw holds many World, USA and European Championship titles!

Ryan was the 2012 US Champion and was in 1st place for 2013 as well.

2013 Achievements:

3rd Place 2013 Paratoys Competition

1st Place Endless Foot Drag Competition

1st Place US Nationals

2012 Achievements:

  • 1st Place 2012 US Nationals

  • World Record “Altitude Tandem”

  • World Record “Time To Climb To 3,000m Tandem”

  • World Record “Time To Climb To 3,000m”

  • World Records Ratified by FAI

  • 3rd place 2012 Endless foot drag competition

  • WORLD RECORD: Speed Over a Straight Course 15/25km

  • WORLD RECORD: 50km Closed Course

  • 1st Place Paratoys Competition


2011 Achievements:

  • 1st Place Paramotor World Xcontest competition

  • 1st place foot launch race ( Reflex Class )

  • 5th place Paratoys Competition

  • 3rd place Beach Blast competition

  • 1st place Endless foot drag competition

  • 3rd place 2011 US Nationals

2010 Achievements:

  • 5th in the USA Nationals

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