Dream of Flying

“Everyone who lives dies. But not everyone who dies, has lived.”

“We take risks not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping us.”

Ever dream of flying?

Thought it was too expensive, too dangerous or too difficult? Think again!

Now your dreams can come true. Powered Paragliding (aka Paramotoring, or PPG) is the most affordable, safest, most transportable and FUN form of personal flight available. Just strap on the backpack motor or attach it to wheels, bring your paraglider into the air and take-off and land just about anywhere there’s some open space. Conventional aircraft don’t even come close. And for much less money than any other aircraft! There is NO License required & you could be flying safely after only a few days training.
It’s safer than motorcycle riding, & you could be getting some SERIOUS AIR.

ee the world from a whole new perspective. Add the vertical dimension to your world. Fly skimming the ground, or as high as 18,000 ft. And don’t worry about the engine failing, because you are already under an open parachute, and will glide gently back to earth.

Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect place to train and fly PPG, with very little rain, perfect clear blue skies most of the year, warm temperatures, light winds, low altitude/humidity flying and plenty of desert and unpopulated, scenic places to explore. So leave the cold, windy weather behind, and come to Paradrenalin in beautiful Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona for your Powered Paraglider training school.

Join the Phoenix PPG Forums where we organize flying plans and outings, share valuable tips & info, discuss flying sites, maintenance, used equipment for sale and much more within the Phoenix PPG community of Arizona. The forum is free & open to all current and aspiring PPG pilots. We are a very active flying group and often fly some of the World’s and Arizona’s best scenery. Register and participate today.

Concerned about PPG Safety?

The ultimate in Freedom & Adventure!
There will never be a better time to realize your dreams.

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