In 2015 Dudek Paragliders company jubilees 20th anniversary of its foundation. Already in 2014 we've started work on dedicated colour sets to be used in our anniversary XX paraglider series. 

Among several ideas the most promising was the four elements concept - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. 

Creation of these sets proved harder than we expected, since they had to accommodate standard industry colours with logistics of special colour orders. That's why we asked our proven graphic partner Włodek Bykowski for more substantial help beside canopy designs. Finally our aim did materialise as nontrivial, colourful and visually coherent graphics, which will hopefully please both the pilots and spectators.

As Włodek Bykowski wrote on his blog: "It's colourful, emotional and different than in other companies - much more interesting in my opinion. In the end it's not being trendy what counts, but looking for new ideas, empowering people to express themselves as individuals and match the canopies to their pilots. 
It's enough to choose your element!

Here examples of colour sets for some of our anniversary designs.