The Harness Hanging System, otherwise simply called the hanger, is devised for easy and safe hanging of a harness for demonstration or training purposes (in paragliding schools).

It is made of solid, powder coated, thick steel sheet (6 mm).
The set includes:
- a dyneema strap for hanging the system,
- the front plate of 100cm/22,5cm/6mm dimensions,
- straps with neoprene-covered buckles adjusting the suspension height,
- holed plates for attaching the risers,
- PG-styled risers with speed-system attachment capability,
- steering handles on elastic lines,
- shackles
(obviously, the harness is not included )
Suspension width: 90 cm
If needed you can switch the suspension points with steering handles, the width will be increased to 97 cm then.
The system can be used for hanging the paramotor harnesses as well, including the power units.
Weight of the entire set: 5,07 kg

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