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Boson is a reflex canopy, featuring much speed, lift and agility, dedicated for PPGG (powered trikes) or foot-launched PPG tandems


Boson is a paraglider designed for experienced pilots, flying actively and often, who are well familiar with reflex wings behaviour and have fully mastered flying them. The recommended minimum is 300 hours paramotor time and at least 50 hours of annual flight time.

It was designed with competing and record hunting in mind. It features considerable speed range, precise handling, and great efficiency.

The reflex traits of the Boson are distinct, nevertheless you can use the speed system at all trimmer settings (themselves having generous range BTW).


Boson was based on our proven and acclaimed Hadron Cabrio. Both the 3D body and planform remain similar, still many design solutions are new, from the length of lines to design of the risers, modified modified accordingly to experiences of the Hadron Cabrio pilots. Among others, the risers have been equipped with a speed system. Suspension lines have been shortened, positively influencing agility and launch behaviour.

When rising, the canopy moves smoothly and shows no tendency to overrun the pilot. The quality of the launch is ensured among else by stiffening the leading edge with elastic rods (FET - Flexi Edge Technology), which also guard it against collapses at high speeeds. The design incorporates other effective ways of load distribution too, related to the newest sewing techniques.

In comparison to Hadron Cabrio, Boson needs less power, easily noticeable in less sink with switched-off engine. Boson does require some attention from the pilot in turbulence, nevertheless remains safe and stable. For the steering comfort, it's important to precisely adjust the steering lines' length, accordingly to suspension height of the paramotor or a trike - every inch counts here! Steering system itself consist of our renowned and efficient 2D steering with TCT handles, plus additional TST's for the accelerated flight. As standard you can choose between three levels of the steering pulleys and docking magnets. Due to these improvements, operation
of the steering system is intuitive.



  • MotoBag XX (backpack for tight canopy packing, without harness)
  • DewBag (quickpack)
  • Transport bag including compression strap.
  • pouch with documents and repair kit (self-adhesive cloth, spare line)
  • wind ribbon and windsock
  • small gifts

Total worth of these additional parts amounts to $238.


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