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DriftAir is a safe paraglider for well-qualified pilots, aiming at active recreation or moderate level of competing. Most of all, the DriftAir is ideally suited for multi-canopies formation flying, requiring dynamic manoeuvering and spectacular acceleration. It is a solid vehicle for covering the ground, too. And, with its agility it will prove great at slalom tasks, or just flying curves for pleasure.

It launches flawlessly and easy, smoothly rising up. Does not stay behind, even with trimmers set at slow and nil wind. In flight it remains stable, while demonstrating intuitive steering, agility and effective lift.

Reflex airfoil of DriftAir slightly varies depending on trim setting, yet the speed system can be safely used throughout entire trimmer range. When cutting through lift or turbulence the canopy stays over your head with only slight nicking, so it doesn’t require your constant attention.

Exceptionally wide choice of DriftAir’s sizes – as many as 7! â€“ will allow each pilot to find precisely his optimal weight range.


DriftAir is a cousin of the acclaimed Snake 1.2, but apart from the planform and flat aspect ratio, all other features are new, from the airfoil and way of its modification, through risers, to the brake handles. As a result we get an evolution on the verge of revolution – huge potential of this kind of designs appear optimally used in case of the DriftAir, while retaining large safety margin, always a priority for us.

Shark-nose (SN) on the leading edge takes care of better aerodynamics of this part of the canopy, as well as higher inner pressure at wide range of the attack angles (meaning airspeed). The leading edge is stiffened with synthetic rods of the FET (Flexi Edge Technology), distinctly improving launch quality and guarding against collapses at high speeds. The design features also other effective methods of canopy loads distribution, mediated by most modern sewing technologies.

Four rows of suspension lines are joined at the risers, equipped with compact yet very efficient tools like trimmers, speed and Power Attack (PA) system. Steering system of the DriftAir is our well known, original solution of 2D steering, this time with new TCT+ handle (Triple Comfort Toggle), combining features of both the TCT and TST (Tip Steering Toggle). As per our standard, the risers are equipped with three optional positions for the steering pulleys and magnets to choose from. Thanks to all these features, steering operation is straightforward and intuitive.

Obviously, in some powerpack/canopy configurations considerable amount of torque can appear. To counter this, there is proven in our Warp an automatic TEA system (Torque Effect Adjuster). It works on its own after placing the line on proper side, depending on the torque direction.

The canopy has the SL rigging (Sheathed Lines – meaning most of the lines are sheathed, with only some at the canopy unsheathed). The colours are assigned according to PMA standards.

DriftAir is manufactured entirely in Europe, at our Polish plant, so that we have total control over its sophisticated production process (using among else the advanced LT (Laser Technology) cutting.



  • MotoBag (backpack for tight canopy packing, without harness)
  • DewBag (quickpack)
  • Transport bag with compression strap.
  • Easy Catch speedbar
  • etui with documents and repair kit (self-adhesive cloth, spare line)
  • wind ribbon and windsock
  • small gifts

Total worth of these additional items amounts to $238.

Dudek DriftAir

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