Fulfils immagination about a comfortable
traveling in compact and light travel packing.

Provide enough power connected with light weight.

It´s an equipment, which will be always with you.


Great attention was paid to the F-light passive safety components, especially in the construction of the petrol tank, frame and shell, so that the right crash zones have been created in case of emergency and/or harsh landing.

Durable plastic petrol tank works as an “airbag “ and catches most of the impact

Carbon back shell protects the pilot spine during aborted launches or during hard landings.

Additional security features

Start/Stop button on throttle enables to start the engine and/or switch-off the engine when any problems occure during launch, flight or landing !

Carbon AIRBOX  completely removes the risk of freezing of the carburetor during winter months.

The master switch protects you and your surroundings to prevent accidental starting of the engine

TWIST AIR struts fully eliminate torque at all engine speeds.

A simple fuel mirror will always instantly and accurately inform you about fuel capacity.

Powerful output of extra light engine improves take-offs and greatly helps in any critical situations.

Electric starter and battery for your comfort


Nirvana’s new lightweight low-hangpoint paramotor, the F-Light, is now in production.

It’s made from lightweight materials and is very light and compact – just 20kg – yet it produces 60kg thrust. It is available with either a 160cc engine / 115cm prop for pilots up to 100kg, or 200cc engine / 130cm prop (available soon).

The F-Light has a carbon airbox, neodymium ignition, electric start, anti-vibration airlock and fully-adjustable new-design harness.


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