First Kit Available on the Market

Paramotor body with the engine unit Strong, light, safety
Purchase of the kit and engine separately is optional

First Paramotor kit available on the market

  • Paramotor body with the engine unit built Strong & light for safety
  • Purchase of the kit and engine separately is optional
  • Each TOP80 kit part is available
  • New PULSE composite two-blade propeller
  • four-parts folding frame
  • Left throttle
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Manual starter
  • Type   Kit TOP80  
    Engine   TOP 80, 2-stroke, air-cooled  
    Power   15 HP (@ 9,500 rpm)  
    Ignition   Contactless (DLI)  
    Carburettor   Diaphragm WALBRO WB24  
    Reduction   Gearing with centrifugal clutch  
    Propeller   Aeroelastic two-blade PULSE 9T2 (125cm)  
    Starting Gear   Manual  
    Fuel Tank   10 litres, integrated  
    Body   Self-supporting, laminated shell, orange colour  
    Frame   Aluminium, double or single frame, easy and fully disassemble  
    Harness   Anatomic construction, silencing of the remaining vibrations, straps AustriAlpin Cobra  
    Accessories   Fuel gauge  
    Equipment   Frame and propeller packs  
    Weight   19 kg (empty unit without harness, single frame)  
    Recommended Pilot Weight   50–100 kg  
    Minimum Static Thrust   50 kP  
    Average fuel consumption   3–3.5 litres per hour (influenced by the type of canopy used and the pilot weight)


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