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Fly, Pack and go
Strength, Functionality, Toughness
Strong, Solid, Reliable
Attractive, Innovative, Powerful


High comfort and easy

Rodeos great advantage is its rigid frame - appreciated especially by pilot beginners And PPG schools. Reasonable performance with significant power suits to advanced pilots too. Certainly appreciate the comfortable seat and overall good ergonomy of this paramotor that sits on the back like a glove. Engine power It allows even occasional tandem flights. In combination with the Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike you can quickly transform RODEO in a comfortable PPG trike. Engine NS200 assembled from Simonini Mini2Plus parts and complemented with Nirvana periphery, along with a Nirvana tuned exhaust in combination with the composite PULSE propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying. The balanced running and acceleration will surprise you – when combined with a good quality glider it gives excellent fuel consumption.

RODEO = Evergreen tested under long-term operations around the world in all climatic zones(i.e. Sahara desert, Arctic conditions. Optimal combination of Power, Consumption and Reliability.

Safety first

Safety is the most important element, and we have devoted a lot of efforts, particularly in the construction of the fuel tank, and skeleton, frame, thus to create crumple zones in the event of impact.

  • Durable plastic tank catches most in contact with the ground

  • Frame - first deformational zone

  • Laminate back shell protecting pilots spine during the flight or during any hard landing.

       Additional security features we can count:

  • Two main switches protect you and your surroundings to prevent accidental starting of the engine and disable the engine when any problems occure during launch, flight and landing!

  • Simple fuel mirror gauge will always instantly accurately inform you about the fuel supply.

  • Soft suspension parachute into the harness parachute cord maximum protection from vibration and thus extend the life of most lines.

Fully equipped Rodeo includes:

  • Strong and lightweight four-part protective frame

  • Frame bag

  • Reduction key

  • Composite two blace propeller PULSE

  • Flange and propeller key

  • Propeller screws including casings

  • Propeller casing

  • Speed bar

  • Karabiners AustriAlpine Powerfly

  • Briefcase

  • Practical paramotor bag with wheels

  • Seat with a container for a reserve chute (size M, L, XL, XXL)

  • User manual

  • DVD (according to current availability)


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