Here are recommendations concerning familiarization stage concerning the Warp paraglider (esp. maximum speed).

Due to several cases of damages to zips we've been using for a long time an additional safeguard in form of a velcroed cloth, protecting the zip against damage in case of wrong fixing the straps at the ends of the zip.


Despite multi-layered quality control a fault was found in a single Nucleon XX canopy. Namely, in one of the risers additional bar tacks were missing on the band covering inner stitch, where the upper pulley of the speed system is fixed under a cover. This link cannot transmit maximum loads in flight when the additional bar tacks are missing, therefore the paraglider cannot be flown safely.

The trimmers are one of the basic controls. Despite the fact that principles of their operation are broadly understood, we need to underline some basic safety rules.


Experience shows that high-performing canopies like Snake and Hadron are easier to steer with a „low" or "medium" hangpoint system.
"High" hangpoints, especially "soft" ones (i.e. not connected to the paramotor mainframe) can, due to their inertia, make the control of an agile canopy significantly harder, while possibility of a quick pilot reaction during dynamic sport flying is a must.

Fundamentally, executing any dynamic maneuvers creating high loads (spiral, dynamic wingover etc) with opened trimmers is dangerous!
Releasing the trimmers shifts the loading center of the canopy towards the leading edge.