Safety Note 2018.10.09 - PowerSeat harnesses

Issued by:

Dudek Paragliders

Date of Issue:


Target - affected type:

PowerSeat hernesses from H-03655 serial number

Status/ Effective date:

Mandatory form the date of publishing

Introduction / Cause:

It was noted that some pilots put the velcroed strap through the buckle in a wrong way, as a result negating any protection for the zip. This can lead to detaching the side container or pouch.
Below you can see an example of faulty connection:


Action required:

Check if the strap is fixed properly. Pictures below represent the right way of attaching the side container and side pouch to the Powerseat harness. The strap must be led over the center of the buckle. The strap fixed in this way protects the zip against damage that could possibly result in detaching them from the harness.

Side container:

sn-1 (1).jpg

Side pocket:


All PowerSeat harnesses are delivered to the clients with properly attached side pouches and containers.

To be carried out until/before:

Before the next flight