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In a standard offer there are several color schemes to choose for every paraglider. However, it is possible to order a custom scheme too, as long as proper materials are available. Of course this will bring additional costs :

  • + 10% total price (Individual areas can be of only one colour), or;

  • + 20% total price when individual areas are changed


Installing a laser plotter in our production plant enabled us to create from scratch almost any graphic design, according to project presented by the client.

In this case additional cost is a one-time fee of 1000 Euro (for each size separately), comprising all actions necessary for creation of technical project and new production procedure.

Production costs remain the same as in case of custom color schemes (+10% or free of charge when ordering at least 5 pieces of one model/size).

Initial project should be prepared by the client - the best option is to utilize a schematic drawing of the canopy with marked cells supplied by us. Colours must be delimited with straight lines observing the cell scheme as below:


Due to personalized look of each paraglider we need to receive a pre-payment before undertaking any actions.
Please contact us at to have all details cleared before placing an order.


Apart form our own production, we are ready to undertake manufacture of the harnesses according to our clients' (that is, yours :) ) ideas or projects.
The general rules and stages of such cooperation are as follows:

Initial evaluation
Basing on received design or detailed wishlist we look at the project's feasibility, time and rough costs of presenting a prototype.

The first prototype costs will be three times the final product of the first production batch. 1/3 of that prototype costs will be included in the first batch (10 pcs) accounting, and the next 1/3 at following order. Thus the sum paid for the prototype is the same as for the final product.

Of there is more than one prototype, each next costs twice the final product of the first production batch and is cleared in future orders with similar rules as the first proto (half of the price 1/2 will be calculated with next ten pieces).

Minor changes and improvements which do not require preparation of another prototype are done free of charge.

First production batch will be at least 10 pieces.
Next batches - no less than 30 pcs.

Process of certificating the product and all other activities necessary to obtain official trade permit remain the responsibility of the ordering party.

It is possible to sign the harnesses produced in our company with your own brand. Minimal order is at least 10 pieces, with the branding cost included in the individual prices.
Some of the harnesses produced by us were branded as Bulldog, Parapower, Ec-extreme, Techno-fly, Paraelement and others.

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